Anti-Discrimination Agency launches #DarüberReden (Talk About It) campaign / Young people encouraged to share their experiences of discrimination

Year of issue 2018
Date 2018.10.08

Today, the independent Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency launches its largest national campaign thus far against discrimination under the hashtag #DarüberReden (Talk About It). "We want to encourage young people to no longer remain silent about their experiences of discrimination, but to discuss them openly", stated Bernhard Franke, acting head of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, at the start of the campaign on Thursday in Berlin. "Only if we manage to make discrimination visible and take it seriously, will we be able to actively promote change", Franke added.

For two months, the #DarüberReden editorial team will discuss experiences of discrimination based on age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, religion or beliefs and sexual orientation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and wants to inspire young people from 16 to 26 years to share their own experiences. Appeals to join the campaign will appear in media that targets young audiences, on job and property portals as well as in public transport.

"We know from studies as well as from our own counselling experiences that young people are discriminated against particularly when trying to get jobs, searching for housing or in everyday situations such as going to the gym or clubbing. We want to reach young people where they spend their everyday lives and where discrimination occurs", Franke explained. "With #DarüberReden, we want to contribute to raising awareness against discrimination among young people – and to inform them of their possibilities of standing up to discrimination. Especially youths and young adults still know far too little about the principle of non-discrimination."
The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) prohibits discrimination based on age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, religion and beliefs as well as on sexual orientation. Persons who can provide evidence of having been subjected to discrimination have a legal right to damages and/or compensation.

As an addition to the campaign, teaching materials for schools will be developed and live events held with prominent guests. When the campaign ends, a #DarüberReden closing event will take place in January to evaluate the experiences shared with #DarüberReden and to formulate political responses.

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS for its initials in German) was established when the General Equal Treatment Act (German abbreviation: AGG) entered into force in August 2006. This Act aims to prevent or eliminate any discrimination on grounds of racism or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.